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The Mobile Office Concept was developed to support TCR as it traveled the county advocating it's Distriubted City Model and various implementing programs including the TeleWork Deploymnet Program and the Regional Telecommuting Action Plan. Air travel limits the ability to visit the regional trade centers between the major metropolitan areas. The Mobile Office also transport the equipment necessary to conduct the e-Consensus Forum and other TCR processes; tradional road travel offers complete flexiblity to scheduling presentations and it has the capacity to "bring the office along". It also reduces operating costs during RTAP projects.

115 companies from 26 states and 2 Canadian provinces provided in-kind products to implement the TCR design, TCR staff built the office "after hours". We are grateful to the support of these companies and have provided links to their sites on the following pages:

TCR Thanks those that Helped Make it Happen
A 2006 RAM 2500 Dodge pickup was selected as the tow vehicle with 4 wheel Drive, a diesel engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

The Trailer "Shell"- was built beginning with a custom designed utility trailer frame.
The Trailer Shell.
Multiple Systems were designed and installed to make the "trailer" an office and a home during TCR's markeing excursions.-

The Tow Vehicle.

The Trailer "Interior"- was built beginning with a custom designed utility trailer

-The Systems.

  1. Camping World, CO- provided membership and invaluable "marketing" information.
  2. CostCo, MN- provided a gift card
  3. Sam's Club, MN- provided a gift card
  4. The Home Depot, MN- provided a gift card

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