The Tow Vehicle


The Mobile Office was designed as an all-weather work environment. The heavy duty construction, when combined with the weight of the battery bank, generator and other heavy components, required a powerful tow vehicle. The Dodge RAM 2500 was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. Although adequate for traveling in the Midwest, it needed to be beefed up significantly for the challenges of the Rockies. TCR is very grateful to the many manufacturers and installers that helped us complete this task

The Tow Vehicle.

Based upon the codes on the photograph, the following firms donated their products and services.

  1. BestBuy, MN- Best Buy discounted and installed the navigation system as well as installation services for the Wilson Electronics' system
  2. Brand FX, TX- the Glasstite subsidiary donated the truck topper.
  3. Central Hitch, MN- installed the Pull-Rite hitch and a number of other welding tasks.
  4. Chippewa Valley Tech College, WI- installed the BanksPower systems and made a few more adjustments as well
  5. Crysteel Truck Equipment, Inc., MN- installed the Tekonsha Brake Controller
  6. Drivers Design, Inc., MN- provided the Hood Protection Shield
  7. Gale Banks's Engineering, CA-discounted their Otto-Mind System for more power and economy.
  8. Intellitec, IL- provided the battery isolator system and controller
  9. Jake's Vehicle Systems,- donated the exhaust braking for more stopping power in the mountains
  10. Jergen's, OH- provded a special pin for the Pull-Rite Hitch.
  11. Lund International, GA- provided the running boards
  12. MAACO Auto Painting and Bodywork, MN- Dick had his crew paint the topper and paint and install the running boards
  13. Pulliam Enterprises, IN- Lynda provided the Heavy Duty 20K lb sway control, weight distribution hitch- an incredible design!!!
  14. RADCO, MN- installed the Bed Rug from Wise Industries
  15. Tekonsha Engineering, IN- provided the Prodigy Brake controller.
  16. Tires Plus of White Bear Lake, MN- installed the Intellitec Battery isolator system.
  17. Topper World, Inc, MN- installed the Glasstite topper,
  18. Warn Industries OR- provided a special connector between the truck and the office
  19. Wilson Electronics, UT- provided an antenna / amplifier system to bring the broadband signal into the Mobile Office
  20. Wise Industries TN- discounted the "bed Rug" a liner for the truck box

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