The office


The 8' x 24' office was designed and built by TCR staff with the help of the companies identified below. The structure was built using extensive dado and other joinery techniques locked together with a minimum 3" of structural foam. It is quiet and comfortable.

The office.

NOTE: Codes still being assigned as new products are donated-- draft only

Based upon the codes on the photograph, the following firms donated their products to this effort.

  1. Ace offices, Inc. MN- discounted the office frame and provided great advice in its customization
  2. Amerigas, MN- provided and connected the propane tanks and hardware
  3. Amerimax Building Products, Inc. IN- provided the door to the office
  4. BAL RV Service Products Group, IN- provided the stabilization jacks
  5. Bargman, Inc. IN- provided door hardware
  6. Barker, Inc. IN- provided a heavy duty electric tongue jack which has greatly simplified getting ready for the road
  7. BASF, MN- provided the foaming material for Foam-It to install
  8. Carefree of Colorado, CO- discounted a full length awning
  9. Dupont, MN- provided TYVEK as a wind barrier- and during construction, it provided a weather barrier as well
  10. Elkhart Tool and Die, IN- provided the steps into the office
  11. Erickson Metals, MN- discounted the aluminum sheeting used to skin the office
  12. Eternabond, IL- provided 2 cases of sealant tape to make the office water tight
  13. Fastsigns, MN- discounted the graphics on the vehicle
  14. Foam-It Insulation, Inc. MN- Tim foamed the floor of the office early in the process and then again foamed the walls and ceiling. A fantastic job and a tremendous boost to the project
  15. GE- Adhesives and Sealants, NY- provided 2 cases of caulking which, to our surprise, was almost totally used in the project
  16. Global Plastic Services, NB, Canada- provided the dome for our skylight- a novel but very effective component
  17. Go-Power, Inc. BC- discounted a pure sine inverter and solar panel.
  18. Grote Industries, Inc. IN- provided the turn signals and clearance lights
  19. Interstate Manufacturing, MI- provided the wheel well fenders
  20. J. B. O'Meara, MN- provided a door panel
  21. JetConnex, CA- provided a coiled wiring harness between the office and the truck
  22. Kinro, IN- supplied custom access doors for the seven exterior compartments
  23. Knape & Vogt, MI- provided LCD mounts and cabinetry hardware
  24. Lowe's, MN - contributed a lot of construction materials and discounted additional products- a fantastic team!!!
  25. Master Lock, Inc. WI- provided a special lock to secure the hitch when the Mobile Office is parked.
  26. Pioneer Wheels & Rims, MN- heavily discounted the wheels and tires
  27. POR-15- discounted the undercoating to protect the underside of the office
  28. QDS Henschen, OH- discounted the torsion bar axles
  29. Rhino Linings of White Bear Lake, MN- discounted the Rhino Lining applied in the wheel wells
  30. Snelling Company, MN- built the metal housing and sleeves for the generator
  31. Swan Secure Products, Inc. MD- donated stainless screws and washers used throughout the exterior
  32. Top Line Manufacturing, CA- provided the rear ladder and other hardware components
  33. Waytek, MN- provided a variety of electrical / electronic fittings
  34. Wheelmasters WA- provided wheel covers
  35. Window World, Inc. MN- donated the windows (one an egress style) for the office

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