The Systems


The mobile office has very powerful systems that make it self-reliant. With a 960 amp-hr battery bank,a 3000 watt inverter/charger, a 3000 watt pure sine inverter, 50 Amp service and a 6500 watt generator; it has a lot of power! For re-charging, the truck has a battery isolator to charge the batteries and a solar panel keeps the batteries charged year around. The 65 gallon fresh water tank supports week-end escapes while on the road for extended periods.

The Systems.

Based upon the codes on the photograph, the following firms donated their products to this effort.


  1. Airexel, KS- discounted the air conditioning system
  2. Amerigas, MN- provided and connected the propane tanks and hardware
  3. B & D Manufacturing, Inc. CO- provided a leveling indicator to assist in leveling the office during setup
  4. Fantastic Vent, Inc. MI - provided a remote controlled ventilation fan
  5. Go-Power, Inc. BC- discounted a pure sine inverter and solar panel.
  6. Interstate Battery Systems of MN- provided a 960 amp-hour battery bank
  7. IOTA Engineering, AZ- donated the Automatic Transfer Switch that senses the correct power source
  8. Marinco Recreational Group, CA- provided 30 and 50 amp service hardware and electrical cables and connectors between the office and the "shore power" available in RV parks
  9. Marley Engineered Products, SC- provided the three electrical heating units
  10. Metro Welding Supply, MN- provided heavy duty cables to connect the battery isolator in the truck as well as cables between the generator, the battery bank and the Inverter/Converter
  11. MTI Industries, Inc IL- provided all of the alarm systems including intruder, propane, fire and carbon monoxide
  12. NCummins, MN- discounted a commercial 6500W Propane generator
  13. Square D, MN- provided the breakers and cabinets at the power center
  14. Xantrex, IN- provided a 3000 Watt inverter/converter to drive the 110 electrical system
  1. Alsons Corporation, - provided environmental isolators for the water system to prevent back up between the waste and fresh water systems
  2. CPI Durapex, TN- provided their APEX products including enough adapters, pipes and tools to set up the plumbing system
  3. Elkay, IL- provided a 20" sink for the kitchen
  4. FLO-Jet, ITT Industries, CA- provided the water pump that provides water pressure for the office
  5. Flush, CA- provided their special adapter to facilitate dumping and cleaning the water tanks
  6. Garnet Technologies, TX- the first company on board, they provided a tank monitor system that displays the fill levels in each tank
  7. Hilltop RV, MN- provided support on final system checks
  8. JR Products, NY- provided a number of connectors and hardware elements
  9. Mireur Company, TX- a novelty, Mireur provided a water pressure display gauge so the system can be checked for performance
  10. Plastic-Mart, CA- provided the black, grey and fresh water tanks
  11. Prest-O-Fit, AZ- provided their system to drain the tanks
  12. RV360 Manufacturing, WA- a very cool design, RV 360 developed and donated a cap to vent each tank
  13. Splendide, OR- a luxury you can't pass up, Splendide provided a single unit washer-dryer- throw the clothes in dirty; take them out clean and dry
  14. Thetford/Norcold, MI- provided the toilet
  15. Valterra, Inc. CA- provided valves and adapters to connect the tanks with filling and draining capabilitiies

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