The Interior


The mobile office was designed to be support the work and support the staff. The kitchen took on a very unique design that promises to make meal preparation more enjoyable. A dishwasher was added just because guys hate doing dishes. The Washer-Dryer combo was another luxury item but as added to eliminate the need to waste time doing laundry

The Systems.

Based upon the codes on the photograph, the following firms donated their products to this effort.


  1. BestBuy, MN provided discounts on a number of products and the installation of the technology both in the truck and in the office
  2. Business Interiors, AL- provided a very flexible keyboard & mouse tray
  3. Century College, Century Institute for Technology Transfer, MN- supports the e-Consensus Forum, our video conferencing capabilities and of course, they host the TCR website.
  4. CompUSA, MN- provided a three-in-one printer, copier, scanner
  5. Dtrovision LLC, NJ- discounted their HDMA and USB extension cables that drives the secondary work station in the office
  6. FMS, Inc.- provided software to finish the development of the telework products TCR offers
  7. Geek Squad, MN- installed a variety of technologies in the office
  8. Group Systems, CO- discounted their software package in support of the e-Consensus Forum
  9. King Controls, MN- donated the satellite dish to bring news and entertainment into the office
  10. Klipsch Audio Technologies, IN- provided a sound system for the office
  11. Logitech, CA- provided wireless keyboards, cameras and speakers to equip the office
  12. Maxtor, CA- provided a 250 gig external hard drive to support development and data transfer between systems
  13. Office Machine Sales & Service, Inc MN- provided heavy duty mounts for the LCD monitors
  14. Pinnacle Systems, CA- provided video software to assist in the marketing and outreach activities
  15. StarTech, OH- - provided several electronic devices that facilitated the install
  16. Shakespeare, SC-provided an AM/FM antenna
  17. Targus Group International, CA- provided the Port Replicator to support the second work station


  1. Belwith International, MI - provided hinges and pulls for the cabinetry
  2. Cambridge SilverSmiths- provided our silverware
  3. Carroll's Furniture, MN- discounted the bed
  4. Direct Flooring & Carpet, MN- provided the carpet and linoleum installed in the trailer
  5. Jo-Ann Fabrics, MN- discounted the headliner fabric used throughout the interior
  6. Mouldngs Doors and More, MN- provided oak strips to finish the interior
  7. Origo- AB Sweden, FL- provided the burner for the kitchen
  8. Rev-A-Shelf, KY- provided a number of kitchen cabinet products
  9. Target Commercial Interiors, MN- discounted the task/lounge chair
  10. The Foam Store- donated the adhesive used to mount the headliner used throughout the interior
  11. Quantum Storage- provided storage units
  12. Wilson Electronics, UT- saved us big time!!! When wireless signals would not penetrate the office skin, Alan sent an exterior antenna that fed the signal inside to an amplifier which send it on to an interior antenna that distributes the signal inside- awesome performance.

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