Using your Values to Select Your Work Option
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For 200 years we have been conditioned to move to where the job is and accept whatever conditions the manager dictates. Today's astute managers realize that there are many ways that work can be performed and they have developed evaluation tools to ensure that you are fulfilling your responsibilities. Not only do these managers make you a more productive and loyal worker but often they save their employer money as well. The Work Option Selector has been developed to help you determine which work option best fulfills your values. After allocating 100 points to each of the following areas...: then allocate 100 points to the various components within each of these fundamental areas. The Work Option Selector then calculates which of eight different work options best meets your values. These eight work options were evaluated by a team of HR professionals recruited to not only identify the sub components but also to weigh the importance of each of them to the fundamental component.

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