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Telecommuting and Travel Demand Management

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As illustrated in the INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Personal Payback and INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Metro TDM Info the immediate benefits of telework relative to congestion relief and emissions reduction is clear. The findings of the Las Vegas RTAP project, as depicted in the PowerPoint Presentation on the RTAP An Audit page further quantify these benefits. As shown on the Metro TDM Info, subsidies for traditional forms of congestion relief range from $1,000 to several multiples of this. Telework, when properly deployed, can save employers over $10,000 a year. The economics could not be more clear!

Typically telework has been implemented as a pilot program or as work-family program. While well intended and certainly beneficial to the employee, the employer maximizes the organization's costs while minimizing the economic and travel demand benefits for the region. While this approach certainly has benefits, TCR is an unabashed advocate for strategic telework which seeks to leverage the employer's investment in remote access to significantly reduce overhead and have a direct benefit for travel demand reductions. The TELEWORK / TAPP Your ROI assessment has been designed as a "go"-"no-go" decision support tool that quickly and effectively identifies the bottom-line impacts resulting from various levels of deployment. The TDP-the Plan builds a strategic deployment plan for the employer to ensure that their telework business objectives are maximized. The RTAP- An Audit process applies these tools to a region for the purpose of establishing a telework target for that region, for specific corridors, for specific industries, etc. It documents the economic logic of incorporating strategic telework as a partner in the local TDM Program

This site has been developed to establish an equal partnership for telecommuting in the congestion relief discussion!

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