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The Concept of Telecommuting

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A discussion of the Concept of Telecommuting takes more than a page on a web site; more than a book on a shelf. Telecommuting is an approach to life which supports the individual and the family while strengthening the employer and the community. It is a reversal of the last 250 years of centralization under the Industrial Age and an anticipation of being able to " access anything, from anywhere, at anytime" in the Information Age. It is a pursuit of "Startrek" and the rejection of "1984".

TCR addresses this concept by :

  • Monitoring the Info Exchange- which allows the INFO EXCHANGE / Communitycommunity to profile its interests and opportunities to those looking for a new community; the INFO EXCHANGE / Employer to profile their telework program and to highlight any problems that they may have experienced so that others may learn how to avoid them and INFO EXCHANGE / Individuals to find a new position, a new community or simply to find an ally that might help them in their individual pursuit of a telework position.
  • Providing Interactive Tools- to translate your values into a selection of your preferred work INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Work Options or commute INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Metro TDM Info mode and INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Personal Payback.
  • Sponsoring the e-Consensus Forums- to initiate dialogues at many levels about the many aspects of this critical evolution. Individuals can participate in existing forums,recommend new topics for discussion or review the results of past discussions via the e-Consensus®
  • Offering Telework Implementation Programs- to provide an initial assessment of an organization's telework potential via the TELEWORK / TAPP your ROI, the full implementation support program through the TELEWORK / TDP- The Plan or a regional partnership to bring the telework strategy into a metropolitan area by way of the TELEWORK / RTAP- An Audit Program.
  • Collaborating with Telework Partners- bringing divergent interests together to properly support the telework Market, TCR offers programs with PARTNERSHIPS / Products and Services or commute PARTNERSHIPS / Regional Planners mode and PARTNERSHIPS / Consultants.
  • Offering Community Services- by sharing the concept of the COMMUNITY / Distributed City Model serving as a catalyst to bring community-oriented leaders together to create a pro-community policy environment in this country's regions via the COMMUNITY / Alliance, offering services to facilitate communities in the pursuits of these concepts through TCR's COMMUNITY / Community Services and by seeking a community with which to co-develop via the COMMUNITY / ResTech Project.

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