Presenting the Facts; Gathering your Opinions
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  TCR's goal is to have the many applications within the concept of telecommuting accepted as elements of a region's Metro Travel Demand Management (TDM) program. As described in the Telework/RTAP- An Audit section of this web site, our primary focus is on Telework.

The Metro Travel Demand Management (TDM) Inquiry provides a resource on the cost effectiveness of, and preferences for, various TDM options. The data has been drawn from the 2000 National Transit Database, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Transportation Institute. A number of additional indices were developed from that data by Tele-Commuter Resources (TCR). All site visitors can view their regional statistics, TCR members and partners may access any region that they like for comparative purposes. A tool that would allow our supporters to select several regions and compare the various indices is under consideration for inclusion on the site.

The following information is included:

In several research projects, TCR has found that the public prefers telework to the auto and generally ranks the traditional forms of transit rather low. To explore this conclusion on a national basis, a survey is provided asking visitors to rank their commute preferences. The dynamic results of this survey is included on that statistical display that follows the survey.

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