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Tele-Commuter Resources, Inc. Communities are the context in which things happen but too often, their importance has been taken over by their constituent parts. We worry about our community schools, we worry about our community police, we worry about a lot of things that use the adjective "community". As discussed in the Community Section of this website, TCR believes that community must reassert itself- it must create the environment for the success of its schools and organizations. It must become the focus of our energies not merely the source of the resources which are used to divide it.

The Community Register provides an opportunity for communities to profile the strategies, services and visions that they have developed to support their transition into the Information Age. Please complete the The Community Profile if you would like to register your community so that telecommuters and other info workers who are looking for a high tech community can consider calling your community "home".

In addition, TCR is offering a service to evaluate your community from a statistical and global perspective. This assessment is completed using input from the community as well as census and other data bases. For those communities that wish to understand how their community compares against national norms, request TCR's Community Profile Kit. Completed profiles will automatically be entered in TCR's Top 15 Communities competition. Based upon the TCR Community Index, the top three scoring communities will be listed for each of the five of the six community types.

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