Exploring Telework's Challenges & Opportunities

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These registries have been developed for individuals who are interested in telecommuting.

The TeleWorker Registry

The Managerial Concerns Registry

The Regulatory Concerns Registry

The TeleWork Profile Registry

The Community of Choice Registry

Tele-Commuter Resources, Inc. The TeleWorker Registry has been developed to collect information about the practice of telecommuting. All information will be aggregated for research purposes; no specific information will be released. If you are currently telecommuting, please complete the profile.

The Managerial Concerns Registry please complete if you are attempting to telecommute and have encountered problems within your organization. Although many want to telecommute, the managerial attitudes and restrictive policies often are barriers which need to be defined and overcome.

The Regulatory Concerns Registry many firms are concerned about the regulatory environment in which telecommuting must operate. If you have encountered a specific regulatory problem, please complete this form.

The TeleWork Profile Registry is for those who wish to telecommute but have been unable to find a position. By completing this form your capabilities will be available for review by those seeking- and willing- to enter into a telecommuting relationship.

The Community of Choice Registry is for those who live in a community not by choice but because they need to be close to their place of employment. By understanding the profile of those who wish to live in various types of communities, TCR will be able to help communities create the environment which will be more supportive of telecommuting.

An Inquiry Section is available in the Interactive Tools section for TCR members that wish to either recommend additional registries or to inquire against the data base of those in the Information Exchange

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