Strategic Marketing within the Context of a Telework Deployment Program

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A strategic deployment of telework accomplishes two things for product and service providers that are interested in serving the telework marketplace:
  1. Standardizes the Telework Configuration so that you can drop ship equipment or establish services based upon the number of teleworkers being deployed each quarter, and
  2. Provides a context for investing in those products and services with the capability of mitigating barriers to a broader deployment of telework
With the paucity of existing statistics on telework and the other telecommuting applications, TCR seeks to create a comparative base of information on the level of both regional and employer deployments. By understanding the profile of the various telework configurations, manufacturers and service providers will better understand how to position their offerings.

TCR is looking for companies that are interested both in serving this market and in advancing the technologic advancement of their communities. If you are interested in partnering with TCR, please:

The telework market has been difficult to serve primarily because of the manner in which it has typically been implemented. TCR's Telework Deployment Plan (TDP) has taken a more strategic approach the output of which is a multi-year deployment plan based upon the Telework Configuration. Such a plan means that:

  • predictable orders will come in each and every quarter;
  • you will have a focal point for introducing new products; and
  • your upgrade path will be predefined.
If you manufacture or represent products and services that support a strategic telework deployment, you will want them listed in the TeleWork Configuration Data Base classified according to the following:
  • Communications
  • Furniture
  • Information Systems
  • Barrier Mitigations
  • Business Continuity
  • Delivery & Support Services
As part of the Deployment plan development, clients will be able to download products and services based upon certain parameters. This data will be integrated into a format for the modeling screen process. By becoming a partner and registering your products and services, clients will be able to select them without having to enter all of the data. A clear advantage for you!

In addition, partners will be able to access:

If you believe your company would benefit from participating, please:

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