Collaborating to Profitably Support Telework Deployments
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Partnership Support
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TCR Relationship.
Tele-Commuter Resources, Inc. Manufacturing Partners have the following functions available to them:
  • Product Loading- Access the screen to upload/update your product offerings.
  • Mitigation Services- Profile your product/service solutions that will mitigate a systemic barrier to a broader telework deployment.
  • Product Profiles- Profile products that would be useful in either the Telework or Continuity Configuration.
  • Service Profiles- Profile services that would be useful in either the Telework or Continuity Configuration.
  • Problem? Ask TCR- If you have questions, send us a note
  • Annual Report- Review the report on-line
  • Data Base Inquiries- Access inquiries into the TCR data base
  • Organizational Profile- Update your organization's profile and contact information
  • Sponsored Employees- Add / Edit- Maintain your list of Sponsored Employees (those that have access rights to your data and TCR's on-line research tools
  • Sponsored Offices- Add / Edit- Maintain a list of those Sponsored Offices that are part of your Partnership
  • TCR Relationship- Maintain your Partnership with TCR, i.e., renewals, changing the numbers of authorized employees, offices etc

For more information about the Deployment Partnership or to join TCR as a Deployment Partner,
see PARTNERSHIPS / "Critical Mass" / Products & Services .

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