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For the past several years our focus has been on the development of an enterprise software product for the implementation of strategic telework as a pre-requisite to the implementation of the Distributed City Model. The Workforce Virtualization Program (WVP) focuses on employers and develops a business plan which integrates Continuity of Operations, Facility "Right-Sizing" and staffing flexibility, it achieves the high expectations that telework had 40 years ago but which have been unfulfilled by the dominant ad hoc approach. Supporting Strategic Telework makes employers more profitable and more effective while addressing many regional issues at no cost, i.e., congestion, energy conservation and emission reduction, The WVP is a C-Level management process for employers that also strengthens our community fabric.

TCR's 2015 COMMUNITY INITIATIVE FOR STRATEGIC TELEWORK seeks to provide free Workforce Virtualization Assessment and Profile reports for 3 employers (with over 150 employees) in each of the regions's 18 economic sectors. The Initiative has been developed to:

  1. Demonstrate the employer's economic benefits resulting from varying deployment levels and the related facility reductions and COOP/DR integration
  2. Document the cost effectiveness of strategic telework in addressing TDM and other regional impacts
  3. Initiate a regional discussion about how to transition from the Industrial Age model of centralization to the Information Age model of distribution and the Suite of Telecommuting Applications that facilitates this process.
Upon conclusion of the Initiative, two new implementation websites will be developed for the Workforce Virtualization Program and the Distributed City Model.

The characteristics of telework directly address many of the major concerns of our country. The question is: Will our decision-makers overcome the myths about telework so that they can strategically capture the benefits and help our society adopt the telecommuting mindset.

If you would to apply for participation please contact TCR 651-486-8408 or


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