The Strategic Deployment of Telework provides many and multi-faceted opportunities:

  • Human Resources-
    • Retention- Maintaining your "Institutional Memory" is often very important to an operation. By offering telework you can both improve retention of those employees who consider telework important as well as retain key individuals who may have to relocate to another city for personal reasons.
    • Recruitment- The "Apple Generation" is here, many of the top performers consider telework a critical criteria when selecting an employer.
    • Training- If you have less turnover, you will have less training to do.
    • "Employer of Choice"- There is an increasing correlation between those firms with telework programs and those who become employers of choice.
  • Facilities-
    • Space Reduction- If you want to cut your overhead, deploy teleworkers and reduce the amount of space you need.
    • Space Consolidation- If you want to bring units back together, telework may allow enough space to be made available to centralize your key functions
    • Space Stabilization- Telework your growth so you can avoid/delay moving to larger facilities.
    • Trip Reduction Compliance- Telework is one of the alternative means of meeting the requirements of the Clean Air Act
  • Operations-
    • Profitability- If your organizational profile is conductive to a strategic deployment of telework, you will save money at the bottom line.
    • Business Continuity- In the event of business disruption, a distributive network supported by teleworkers can be very beneficial in keeping the operation functional until the recovery is complete
    • Productivity- Teleworkers are more productive
    • Scheduling- Teleworkers are more flexible in taking on assignments whether it is to support a crashed system in IT or picking up a peak load for the call centers
    • Absenteeism- Teleworkers take less time off--- typically 50% less
    • Market Proximity- teleworkers can be deployed in markets where you would like to maintain or create a presence.
    • Regional Congestion Relief- If telework has a strong deployment in the region, the time lost by your employees in traveling to and from the office and more importantly traveling throughout the business day will be reduced.