To strategically capture the benefits of telework, all three sectors have a role. This web site offers the tools and processes designed to facilitate each sector in the pursuit of their "role".

The WVP-The Plan section leverages the data provided by our Deployment Partners via the Sales, Research and Facilities Planning (Product and Service subsection) to design the Telework Configuration, a key TCR concept in the Deployment Process. These partners not only sell their products, but they also receive increasingly valuable marketing research.

The VAPP your ROI section introduces the Telework Deployment Program and answers the two most important issues:

  1. What is my potential to deploy a telework program, and
  2. What impact could a deployment have on my bottom-line.
WVP The Plan provides the tools to develop a plan to optimize the telework benefits based upon your organization's business objectives.

As our region's struggle with road congestion and the emissions that result from it, defining the contribution that telecommuting might bring to this issue and that of the region's ability to economically compete, the RVAP- An Audit answers your questions and provides additional tools to help you maximize this contribution.

The Data Exchange profiles regulatory concerns and provides insights into the desires of those individuals wanting to participate in the Information Age. The e-Consensus section develops collaborative recommendations about how government should modify regulations, how employers should address a variety of deployment issues and how communities should perform their own transition from the industrial development model to that of the Information Age. The Community, Thriving in the Information Age and White Papers sections delineate TCR's view of these issues and provides both tactical and strategic approaches to this resolution/implementation. The Interactive Tools provide personal insights as to how your values defines your approach to telework and how your life style would benefit from the level of telework you would like to perform.

It is TCR's view that all three sectors have a major role to play in this process:

  • The Private Sector can securely deliver information anywhere

  • The Public Sector can ensure that the applications are available, and

  • The Community Sector can work to make sure that everything an individual may need is either available physically or electronically throughout the region.