Virtualization is a big word in IT circles these days, being Green is politically correct and the national deficit will be driving property taxes, energy costs and everything else up. Telework connects these dots and more! Strategically applying telework allows you greater flexibility in staff scheduling, a faster recovery if you need to employ your continuity program, less real estate, happier employees all while reducing emissions, energy consumption and congestion. Unfortunately, telework advocates tell you to "do it one day a week" which costs you money. They also attempt to incent you with tax credits which tells you that you will incur costs that must be offset. The reality is that, if you do it strategically, your investment in telework will save money for most employers.

Tradionally, grass root, pilot projects provide the security of starting small but rarely have a long term plan and the policies are usually limited to administrative issues. The strategic approach will evolve your operations and culture. Tele-Commuter Resource' provides the tools to do it right! If you are facing the chaos of new or remodeled facilities, with or without the LEED program, a telework program is faster and will provide a vastly higher return than a facility (which are typically only used 40% of the time) focus alone. First develop your vision, then build a plan to implement it!

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