Understanding your telework potential requires several different perspectives all of which focuses on the job rather than the individual. TCR believes you set a deployment goal for each Job, then select the best candidates to fill them. There are two basic classification systems within the Telework Deployment Program (TDP). First the Worker Typology classifies workers into four "Types", your deployment vision will determine how you address each group. The second system involves three other classifications 1) the Hierarchy (position in the organization), 2) the number of days per week the job can be done remotely and 3) the technology that is required to support the job. This latter system is the basis for TCR's Telework Configuration concept.

The Telework Configuration is used for training, provisioning, facility redesign and more. With a maximum of 72 combinations of Hierarchy, technology requirements and days deployed per week the concept supports provisioning standardization and much more.

Telework COnfiguration

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