If you choose to deploy teleworkers as part of the Continuity Recovery Process, the TDP offers several insights and tools. While many organizations assign teleworkers with a COOP role, it is important to ensure that these individuals will not be affected by the same diaster. The Vulnerability Audit addresses this critical but often overlooked issue.

The TDP also provides an Awareness Audit of your staff. Are they aware there IS a BCP? are the items they think are important in the plan? Do their priorities match those of the BCP?

Just as the TDP builds and supports the Telework Configuration to support the provisioning of all teleworkers, it also supports the COntinuity Configuration. The Continuity Configuration is based upon a predetermined list of Continuity Roles that are assigned to specific job classes. When individuals are deployed within those job classes, their Telework Configuration is modified to reflect any additional needs that they may have- and this becomes the Telework Configuration.

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