Strategic telework is about the deployment of workers to achieve specific business objectives be they operational or financial. Don't waste your time with a research committee, all they will achieve is the collection of anecdotes- you already know that telework works, the question is how will it affect your organization. Tele-Commuter Resources has developed an online assessment, the TeleWork Assessment and Profile Process (TAPP), to determine your overall potential and the bottom line impact of various levels of deployment.

Depending upon how aggressively you pursue it, in about two weeks you can have answers to most of your questions- and then you can decide if strategic telework is the right approach for your organization. TAPP optionally provides a separate break out of the results for each 'Group", ie a building, division, campus etc. The TAPP report generates an 11 page summary supported by a 70 page detail report. Representatives of your various 'Job Classes" complete the assessment; to date, 85% of those assessed have fully concurred with our findings.

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