Evaluating your Level of Continuity Plan

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Tele-Commuter Resources, Inc. Business Continuity has become an ever more important topic since 9/11- but the concept has always been important. Given the similar development processes of telework deployment and continuity development, TCR has optionally incorporated a continuity audit with the TAPP. The goals of the audit are to:
  • Measure Employee Awareness- Are they aware of the Business Continuity Program?
  • Verify Task Documentation- Does the employees list of key functions match those in your program?
  • Examine Recovery Methods - What environment do your employees feel is required to rebuild your data?
  • Confirm the Recovery Timeline- Do your employees perspective of critical applications align with your Continuity Plan?
  • Employee Awareness-

Telework is also a great strategy for implementing your continuity plan. Within TCR's Telework Deployment Program, each continuity role is defined and the Telework Configuration for those assigned this role is modified to create the Continuity Configuration.

Unlike most programs that may be exercised quarterly or annually, a telework program is exercised daily.

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