A Regional Approach to Capturing the Benefits of the Information Age
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Phase I:
Regional Telework Assessment

Phase II:
Bandwidth Collaborative Feasibility Audit

Phase III:
Visioning Process

Phase IV:
Telecommuting Implementation

Tele-Commuter Resources, Inc. The Regional Telecommuting Action Plan has been developed to help transition communities into the Information Age. In this "access anything, from anywhere, at anytime" world, deploying affordable and ubiquitous bandwidth is a critical first step; building an understanding of the opportunities and integrating that into the policy making process of all three sectors is key.

The goals of the RTAP are to:

  • Document the potential that telework offers to address congestion and other community issues.
  • Determine the degree to which public policy can serve as a catalyst to accelerate and expand other telecommuting applications.
  • Develop a community vision for an integrated deployment of telecommuting applications.
  • Identify specific implementation activities to implement that vision, and
  • Prioritize and execute the resulting Implementation Program
TCR believes that telework is perhaps one of the easiest of the telecommuting applications to cost-justify and therefore, telework is the focus of RTAP- Phase I.

The regions that apply today's emerging technologies to the requirements of the Information Age rather than trying to maintain the Industrial Age model of 8-5 are the regions that will win. To capture these and many other benefits, a region must pro-actively address the three keys to success:

  1. Mindset- do all the players understand the opportunity and the need to cooperatively pursue it?
  2. Infrastructure- is the plan to build a comprehensive community capability or to link key nodes only?
  3. Leadership- are the public, private and community leaders engaged in the development of policies that provide a logical transition into the Information Age model?
Built upon the concepts of the employer-based Telework Deployment Program (TDP) and using TCR's e-Consensus Forum®, the RTAP consists of four phases:
  1. Regional Telework Assessment- As the lead application in a telecommuting deployment, the Phase I Telework Assessment quantifies the region's telework potential. If the assessment process and its results prove sufficiently compelling, the other applications are then examined.
  2. Bandwidth Collaborative Feasibility Audit- examines the other telecommuting applications (tele-medicine, distance learning, etc.). These application providers and the region's telecom providers are brought together in Phase II as an attempt to synergistically expand the demand for both the application and the supporting bandwidth via a Regional Bandwidth Collaborative.
  3. Visioning Process- With the various telecommuting applications analyzed to determine their impact on the region's competitiveness and quality of life, leaders are convened in Phase III using the e-Consensus Forum to determine the extent to which they would like to embrace a "telecommuting mindset".
  4. Telecommuting Implementation- Phase IV builds upon the outcome of the Visioning Process and identifies a number of implementation programs designed to transition the region into the "Telecommuting Mindset".

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