A Concept that Supports Many of your Key Community Missions

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TCR has created the Deployment Partnership Program for the purpose of making telework a vital partner in helping you address the key challenges facing your community.. Establishing a target for congestion relief via telework is but the beginning of a process that brings the potential of the Information Age to bear on increasingly critical problems. The four phase RTAP program creates real data, poses real options and develops a political consensus about what needs to be done. Although telecommuting has been discussed for many years, many fundamental issues have not been addressed. With the paucity of existing statistics on telework and the other telecommuting applications, TCR seeks to create a comparative base of information on the level of both regional and employer deployments. By sharing this information it is hoped that the pace and scope of telecommuting will be expanded thereby enhancing the economy and society at large. This vision can only be realized by establishing a partnership network, i.e., TCR's Deployment Partnership Program. It occurs at both the Local and Regional level.

If you want to incorporate strategic telework into your TDM program, please:


NOTE: If you complete the RTAP, your first year Partnership Fee is reduced by 50%.

Regions have three alternative methods of joining in this effort:

  1. Support your local employers- This costs nothing but it does allow you to create a downloadable, formatted profile of your TDM programs for incorporation in the TeleWork Deployment Program's of any of your employers that are also TCR clients.
  2. Become a Deployment Partner- An annual fee that provides you access to:
    • Revenue Sharing- revenue sharing program that you can either offer as discounts to your employers for TCR services or use it to fund your own telework activities.
    • Annual Report- annual telework report and a local profile of your telework clients.
    • Access TCR Data Base- Access to the Data Base allows you to inquire about trends, "Best Practices" and deployment specific issues.
    • e-Consensus Forum- sponsored employees will have full access to all TCR sessions including the detailed and summarized responses of each forum. In addition, partners may suggest forums that would facilitate greater telework implementation. See the e-Consensus section on the menu for more information
    • The Coach- The Coach is a knowledge management system designed to help you understand telecommuting and how best to leverage it so that you can meet your community goals/
    • The Data Exchange- the Data Exchange consisting of a series of research collection and dissemination opportunities for individuals to document their teleworking experiences and aspirations. It will serve as a catalyst for topics to be addressed via the Coach, The Mindset, the e-Consensus Forums, etc.
    • Newsletter- An electronic newsletter beginning in 2004
  3. Complete a Regional Telecommuting Assessment - See the Telework/RTAP- An Audit section of the web site.
Whether you choose to become a Deployment Partner or not, TCR has provided the opportunity for you to support your local employers that have/will become TCR clients. The TDP (Telework Deployment Program) embraces the traditional Travel Demand Management options as part of its deployment plan. You may Setup and Edit the profiles of your TDM programs by accessing the Telework/RTAP- An Audit/Partnership Ops page off of the Menu Bar. Once this data has been established your employers will be able to download your information into their TDP software and integrate it into their TDM planning..

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