Providing the Tools to Manage a Regional Deployment Strategy

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RTAP Management
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Tele-Commuter Resources, Inc. Empowering our Deployment Partners to manage their regional deployment, the following capabilities are provided; execute your Deployment Partnership agreement and TCR will send the IDs and access codes necessary to access the Operation Screens.

  • Partner Profile- This site is about "applied research"; the profile provides common statistical data that is useful both inter- and intra-regionally to advance the concept of telecommuting.
  • Employer- Setup/Edit- Participating employers require access to the various sections of this web site so that their employees can complete the assessments for their "adopted" occupations. This screen establishes a minimum identification profile to get them into the system.
  • TDM Profile Setup- Solving urban congestion requires the application of all solutions. As part of TCR's effort employers are encouraged to include your TDM programs as part of their deployment strategy. ALL REGIONS are encouraged to complete a TDM profile of their programs for downloading by TCR Clients.
  • Employer Status- Review contact information for each participating employer and their level of involvement in the project
  • Employer Summary- Compare the number and profile of the RTAP's targeted occupations to those completed to-date.
  • Project Summary- provides a synopsis of the RTAP process and the degree to which the various occupation assessments have been completed
  • Project Tracking- summarizes your employer's progress and provides an e-mail capability
  • Problem? Ask TCR- Contact TCR if you have any questions or if you have completed the process and which the TAPP report to be prepared.
  • Report Request- Access a report selection screen and print reports on the progress to date..
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