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Tele-Commuter Resources, Inc. Participating in the Regional Telework Assessment Project is not only easy but it could also pay tremendous dividends not only to your regional transportation concerns but also to your employers profitability and a higher quality of life for you and your family. The mini-menu on the left takes you through the four steps:
  • Employer Profile- Builds a statistical profile of your employer for later reporting and analysis. All identifying information is aggregated for confidentiality purposes.
  • Convert from TAPP- If you have previously completed a TAPP program, this module will allow you to select those occupational assessments that you wish to contribute to the Regional Telecommuting Assessment Project.
  • Adopt the Occupations- Your region's targeted occupations are listed so that you may view how many assessments are being sought and how many have been already "adopted" for each. You then have the option of indicating how many of your employees you would like to complete an assessment for one or more of these occupations. The screen gives you the option to print out a list of those occupations you have selected.
  • Assign Employees- When you have identified specific employees to represent these occupations, you access this screen and enter their names and email addresses. The screen provides an option to send them all an introductory email with instructions on how to complete the assessment.
  • Employee Assessment-
  • Participating employees will enter their entry page here.
  • Track Progress- In order to monitor the progress of your participating employees, this screen provides you an opportunity to view those who have, or have not, completed the assessment. Again a utility is provided to send either group an email. When you believe all assessments have been completed, an option is provided to send TCR and the Regional Project Manager an email indicating that you have completed the process.
  • Problem? Ask TCR!- If you do have problems, you can contact us through this selection.
  • Report Selector- Pick a report from the menu selector.
  • If you appreciate the goals of TCR and your organization
    is not yet a supporting member, please join TCR via
    PARTNERSHIP / TCR Membership
At the completion of the project you will receive an RTAP employer report for your confidential review. An abstract of all the data will be released to the agency conducting the RTAP project in your community. If you have found this process of benefit, please review the Telework/TDP- The Plan section of this web site for information on how to strategically deploy telework in your organization.

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