The "Telecommuting Mindset"
"Strategically applying the concept of accessing 'anything, from anywhere, at anytime' to build a stronger regional economy and balanced, viable communities"

This site is ultimately designed to help you adopt policies that will move our society from the Industrial Age into the Information Age. As we have seen with cell phones and other technologies, the market quickly responds to new opportunities if there is ease of access and a profit motive. Unfortunately many of the applications that would most benefit society have been impeded by those who want to preserve the status quo or those that do not understand the inevitability oof technology. Where the benefits accrue to society at large, there is no perceived "profit motive". While there are no "silver bullets", there are great opportunities.

The market for cell phones is apparent, people want them, manufacturers build them, people buy them, money is made. The market for telework is more complex. People want to do it, those supervisors without good performance evaluation tools fear it, there is nothing specific to make and therefore no specific profits to pursue. We have vice presidents for sales, we do not have them for savings...we have agencies that seek increased budgets, we do not have them seeking smaller budgets.

The Las Vegas pilot (see the Power Point presentation on TELEWORK / RTAP- An Audit .) demonstrated that strategic telework is about saving: emissions, trips, energy, time and overhead! It makes regions more competitive, employees more productive, employers more profitable and it has significant benefits for society. We need to move past the work-family approach and into the strategic approach.

We urge you to review both the TELEWORK / RTAP- An Audit and the TELEWORK / TAPP- Your ROI sections; both need your support! The COMMUNITY / Distributed City Model defines a vision for what can be done; but it is only the beginning of the dialogue. The WHITE PAPERS / Community articles, (Sixteen Challenges and Eighteen Challenges) define the problem.

This site contains tools that will eventually develop information critical to this discussion, your support now will ensure that you will have access to it later.

  • The Information Exchange- collects anecdotal informaiton but it is none the less critical. Using a consistent format data is collected and eventually trends will emerge that should be of real interest to policy makers, specifically in the INFO EXCHANGE / Employer and INFO EXCHANGE / Personal registries
  • The Interactive Tools- specifically the INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Metro TDM Info survey will tell us what people really want in terms of accessing work
  • The e-Consensus Forum®- Awaiting funding, the e-Consensus Forum® is designed to solicit, and community input on relevant topics the output will reflect a consensus about that which needs to be done. It will be made available to policy makers
  • The "Mindset"- If others choose to join the effort the THE "MINDSET" will provide a single source of information about how to speed the Information Age transition

The Telework Deployment Program -- Phase Six of the TDP TELEWORK / TDP- A Plan provides a vehicle for generating a wealth of statisitcs to drive the policy discussion. If we don't know who is doing what and what the trends are we will be legislating in a vacuum. The transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age offers many opportunities, and for those who fail to pay attention, serious problems. The RTAP- An Audit offers one method of beginning the process.

Thanks for visiting, we welcome your feedback!



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