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  • Information Exchange
    • Guest Registry-   Create a personal profile of yourself to make participation in the site easier.
    • Community Registry- Complete forms profiling your community and/or regional tech program, and to profile your concerns about your viability
    • Employer Registry-   Profile both your regulatory concerns about telework and your program itself
    • Personal RegistryProfile your telework experience, your qualifications for job placement, your Community of Choice preferences and register and issues you have had with telework based on regulations or management
  • Interactive Tools
    • Payback Analysis- calculate the time, fuel and emissions you could save if you did telework x days per week
    • TDM Expo- rank your commute preferences and review regional statistics on transit, clean air rankings and telework potential
    • Work Option- Enter your personal, community, professional and family values and calculate which of eight different work options best meets them
    • Inquiries- Inquire against the TCR data registry data base for trends in regulatory and managerial concerns, personal interests and telework program profiles
  • e-Consensus®
    • e-Consensus®- A Policy Development process designed to develop a community perspective on key issues affecting the deployment of telework and the other telecommuting applications in the pursuit of the Information Age
  • The Coach-  
    • The Coach- Look up information about telework at the personal, employer or community level
  • The Mindset-  
    • The Mindset- Telecommuting applications adopted by other organizations demonstrating the synergy that exists between what many consider to be disparate markets
  • White Papers-  
    • White Papers- TCR research and proposals on legislation, community and economic development and other issues involving the transition into the Information Age
  • TAPP- Your ROI
    • The TAPP Home Page- Introduces the logic behind the Telework Assessment and Profile Process- the First step in developing a telework program
    • Telework & Business Continuity- Explains how both concepts have similar planning processes and many of the same motivations, This is an option within the TAPP Assessment
    • Benefits & FeaturesExplains how you can understand your telework potential and its impact on your bottom line
    • Employer Ops- A Menu system to manage an organization's TAPP Project
    • Assessment Entry- entry screen for an organization's employees that have been selected to participate in TAPP.
  • TDP- The Plan
    • The TDP Home Page- Introduces the concepts behind the Telework Deployment Program- the key to implementing a Strategic telework program
    • Features & BenefitsExplains the TCR's Telework Deployment Program (TDP) and how you can build a strategic telework deployment plan
    • Program Phasing- Explains each of the TDP's six phases
    • Employer Operations- A Menu that supports an Employer as they work through the TDP process
  • Telework as Continuity Strategy
    • Business Continuity- assessing your Continuity Readiness and applying Telework as a recovery strategy
  • RTAP- An Audit
    • The RTAP Home Page- Introduces concepts behind the Regional Telecommuting Assessment Project- the application of the TAPP concepts to a metropolitan region.
    • Features & Benefits- Explains the Regional Telecommuting Assessment Project and its four phases
    • Working TogetherProvides the opportunity for a region to either become a Deployment Partner or to request a Proposal to conduct an RTAP
    • Project Management- A Menu system that supports the regional project manager in monitoring the RTAP process
    • Employer Operations- A Menu system that supports an Employer that is participating in the RTAP
    • Assessment Entry- The Assessment entry screen for participating employees
  • "Critical Mass"
    • Overview to the various Partnership Options-
    • Community Alliance- Explains how communities can join in the effort by becoming an Alliance Partner
    • ConsultantsExplains how consultants can integrate the TDP process in their programs or join TCR in delivering support to TDP Clients by becoming a Consultant Partner
    • Product & Services- Explains how manufacturers can better serve the telework market by providing their product and service profiles by becoming a Product & Service Partner
    • Regional Leaders- Explains how regional leaders can enhance their competitiveness while strategically reducing congestion and emissions by becoming an Alliance Partner
  • Partnership Ops
    • Partnership Operational Overview-
    • Community Alliance- A Menu system that supports an Alliance Partner in managing it's relationship and participation in the Community Alliance
    • Consultants- A Menu system that supports a Consultant Partner in managing it's relationship and participation in the TAPP, TDP and RTAP processes
    • Product & Services- A Menu system that supports a Product and Services Partner in managing it's sales program through the Telework Deployment Program
    • Regional Leaders- A Menu system that supports a Deployment Partner in managing it's relationship in the RTAP process
  • TCR Membership
    • TCR Membership- Join TCR's multi-level membership program to support this Community Development effort and to more fully access the features of this site
  • Distributed City Model
    • The Community Home Page- Introduces TCR concepts that led to the development of the Distributed City Model
    • The Concept- Affirms that Community Development supercedes Economic Development in the Information Age while building a community viability strategy based upon economic relationships
    • Community Alliance- Describes why the establishment of a Community Alliance is critical to restoring policy balance in developing community strategies and the role that it must play
    • TeleCenter Network- Describes a community-based delivery model for bandwidth applications that integrates the six community types defined by TCR's Community Typology
    • Regional Transit- Describes the requirements of a regional transit system and a transit model that addresses them.
  • TCR Strategies
    • TCR Strategies- A description of services that TCR offers to assist communities in fulfilling the vision described in this site
  • ResTech
    • ResTech- An organizational decision to return to a rural community to facilitate a demonstration of how a community can transition into the Information Age- includes architectural and land use components as well
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Telework Payback, emission reduction and congestion reduction
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