Employers-If you have only considered telework as a work-family issue, we urge you to carefully review the TELEWORK / TAPP your ROI section. This service has been designed to quickly:
  • Define your telework potential-
  • Profile your Workforce-
  • Calculate the impact on your bottom-line-
If your TAPP results warrant, you will want to capture telework's benefits and enhance your long term ability to compete in the global marketplace. Cuttng overhead and expanding productivity provides strategic benefits as optimized through the TELEWORK / TDP-The Plan process.

If you have experience with telework, we encourage you to:

  • Profile your Telework Program- see INFORMATION EXCHANGE / Employer / The Telecommuter Program Registry
  • Enter managerial or regulatory problems in the registry- see INFORMATION EXCHANGE / Employer / Regulatory Concerns Registry
  • Visit the Coach for insights about operating a telework program- see THE "COACH"
If you are tired of congestion slowing your vehicles during the day or simply of getting your employees to work, we encourage you to review:
  • Metro TDM Info- after a quick survey of your commute preferences. this tool displays your region's performance in travel demand. If you have a high (and even if you don't) telework potential, the economics and survey results may motivate you to speak to your regional transit leaders about telework. INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Metro TDM Info
  • Regional Telecommuting Assessment Project-
  • Phase One of the TELEWORK / RTAP- An Audit brings the community together to determine how strategic telework can impact congestion and head off the high costs of failing to meet Clean Air standards. The other three phases make technology a community strategy.
If you would like to support our "Building Stronger Communities through Telecommuting" mission, we urge you to join TCR PARTNERSHIPS / TCR Membership, and if your organization would benefit from partnering with TCR, please select the appropriate section under PARTNERSHIPS / Partnership Ops.

Thanks for visiting, we welcome your feedback!


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