As an employee you are invited to:
  • - submit a current or resolved managerial concern in the INFO EXCHANGE / Personal / Managerial Concerns Registry
  • - submit a current or resolved regulatory issue in the INFO EXCHANGE / Employer / Regulatory Concerns Registry
  • - submit a profile of your own telework experience in the INFO EXCHANGE / Personal / TeleWorker Registry, and you
  • may be able to become a sponsored employee (email TCR to see if you are eligible)
If you have been frustrated by the inability to engage in telework, please complete the INFO EXCHANGE / Personal / TeleWork Profile Registry to help us demonstrate the quality of worker that is available through telework.

If you have strong feelings about living in a different community and yet you would like to retain your current job, please complete the INFO EXCHANGE / Personal / Community of Choice Registry so that we can help communities understand the type of workers seeking their quality of life and to help them understand how to make their communities more supportive of this community development strategy.

If you do not fully understand the power of telework, you are invited to calculate your:

  • Personal Payback- based upon your unique commute and how many days you would like to commute, the INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Personal Payback will calculate your time, fuel and emission savings
  • Work Option- based upon your Personal, Family, Professional and Community Values, the INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Work Option will calculate which of eight different work arrangements best meets your neeeds.
  • Metro TDM Info- If you have feelings about your commute, please complete the INTERACTIVE TOOLS / Metro TDM Info profile. Following a brief survey about your preferences, you can see the cost of traditional travel demand programs and review the results of our survey based upon input to date.
Other areas you may wish to visit include:
  • The "Coach"- provides advice about telework THE "COACH"
  • The "Mindset"- provides an overview of the many aspects of telecommuting and how society will benefit from evolving into the Information Age THE "MINDSET"
  • White Papers- a number of documents that support our work WHITE PAPERS
  • Distributed City Model- Describes TCR's perspective about how communities might use technology to address major problems- both rural and urban COMMUNITY / Distributed City Model
  • Membership- If you like what we are attempting to do, please support us PARTNERSHIPS / TCR Membership

Thanks for visiting, we welcome your feedback!


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